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10 Reasons why you should definitely own a leather bag!

A bag is an accessory that not only offers more practicality to your everyday life but it is also a fashion accessory that definitely adds a bit of character to your outfit and overall style. Your decision on choosing a bag will be determined by many factors such as colour, material and its use. Other important factors could be the quality, versatility and strength of the bag.







Many benefits are associated with buying a genuine leather bag and here are our top 10 reasons why buying one, should be at the top of your checklist for your next shopping session.

  1. Simply because it is leather!

That may seem obvious but leather looks, and feels good. It adds a bit of personality and class to your outfit and is something that should definitely exist in your closet.

  1. Can be combined with any kind of clothing and for any occasion

Leather accessories can be combined with anything and everything. A leather clutch can enrich your evening gown while a tote leather bag or backpack could be your perfect companion when going out for shopping with friends, casually dressed with jeans and a blouse.Model with leather backpack






  1. High quality material at a very affordable price tag:

Out there in the market you are able to find many models of bags with different styles, suited to any budget and with a leather bag you can definitely save some money without having to give up on quality. The only thing you need to do is find the model that inspires you the most!

  1. Resistant material:

Leather is very suitable for those of you who are looking for a bag that will faithfully accompany them in various daily activities and due to its resistance and elasticity, it can hold the weight of all your personal belongings without getting damaged.

  1. It is green!

Leather is processed following strict regulations and with great respect to the environment. Thanks to the modern ways of processing, leather can be defined as a real anti-waste material and it is truly green.

  1. Robustness and durability

As a matter of fact, leather is one of the most resistant natural materials in nature. You can damage it but it is very hard to rip it, even if you try with scissors or a knife. It is also resistant to heat therefore you will definitely be able to take your leather bag with you to the beach during the summer season.


  1. It is always fashionable

No need to say anything else here. It is and will always be trendy and in fashion and should never be missing from a woman’s wardrobe.

  1. Hypo allergic

Leather lacks porous fibres and thus can’t host dust or mites. That means you can place your leather bag anywhere, or store it for long periods of time, without worrying that it will be consumed by dust.

  1. It gets better over time

The more you use leather, the more it increases its charm. When using your leather bag daily, you will notice that its surface is gradually changing and becoming enriched with natural shades. That gives it even more personality and makes it look like a real vintage piece.

  1. Oh, the smell of it…

Its unmistakable smell is addictive and will give you a pleasant feeling every time you get the faintest whiff. Processed leather has its own unique smell. So unique, just like your new genuine leather bag!

Find the perfect genuine leather bag for you or make a present to someone who you know will love it! See our collection.




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