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Artificial Olive Tree (150cm) - 25010-150


  • Product code: 25010-150
  • Comes in a plastic pot
  • Pot diameter: 16cm
  • Real wooden trunk
  • Leaves made of silk
  • Total height of plant (incl. pot): 150cm

A very realistic looking artificial olive tree that stands at 150cm high, from the bottom of the plastic pot that comes with it, to the top leaf. It has a dark green colour, its leaves are made of silk and its trunk is real.
    Our artificial olive trees are premium quality made using top quality silk materials for the leaves and real wooden trunks to ensure they look lush, realistic and healthy for many years. 
      Our artificial plants can be used to either decorate your home, office or business and they will add some colour to your place. You can purchase just one piece, or many of them to create a beautiful greenery in your area.This artificial olive tree comes in a plastic pot that can easily be placed inside your current planter or you can combine it with our wooden pots and planters and even add some pebbles to make it look even more appealing and realistic. It is a very lovely contemporary style plant which holds simplicity and elegance.
        Due to the fact that our artificial plants do not require any maintenance, you will be able to enjoy their beauty in any area you decide to place them, and never worry about their watering and caring. You will be able to create a colourful look even if you put them in places where real plants would most likely not survive (i.e places with a strong sunlight, or low sunlight). They will also make a great addition to any office environment where you do not want to spend any productive time in taking care of the plants.
          Please contact us for delivery and/or any other requests.