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G-Olive Tree (Height 1m) - PTR0120


  • Product code: PTR0120
  • Number of trunks: 12
  • Base type: Plastic Pot
  • Base Dimensions: Height 11 cm | Diameter 14cm  
  • Leaf material: Plastic
  • Trunk material: Real Wood 
  • Total height of plant (incl. pot): 1 meter 
  • Width of area covered by leaves: Aprox. 76cm

Crafted with meticulous precision, this artificial olive tree features a real wood body that exudes timeless elegance. The twelve intricately designed trunks showcase the natural beauty of wood, with their rich textures and grain patterns adding an authentic touch to the overall aesthetic. The artful arrangement of the trunks creates a captivating interplay of lines and curves, reminiscent of a mature olive tree in its most majestic form.