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Artificial Green Walls

Welcome to the latest trend in interior design and architecture. Vertical gardens, or as more commonly used by the term 'green walls'.

Our premium quality artificial green wall panels, make the ideal choice when it comes to creating a contemporary artificial vertical garden for your home, office or business. 

Attention to detail and quality, is our priority. We are therefore confident in the quality of our green wall panels, as the foliage is made of very durable plastics that not only look realistic but also ensure that your artificial green wall will look 'alive', 'healthy' and bushy, for many years.

We create custom designs using a combination of our green wall panels and additional branches, to achieve the results in the below images. 
Please feel free to contact us and request a quotation for custom designs.
Visit our showroom in Nicosia to view them installed. See the map here.

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