Credit Card Payments

(For better understanding we suggest that you do the steps described below, as you read through the instructions)

After you have added the item(s) you want to buy, to your cart, do the following:

  • Click on "View Cart"
  • Click on "Check Out", that is in a light red box.
  • Fill in your details including your "Customer information" and "Shipping address"
  • Click "Continue to Shipping method" that is in a light red box
  • Select your preferred shipping method
  • Click on "Continue to payment method" that is in a light red box
  • Under the "Payment method" section, select "Credit card"
  • Under the "Billing address" select either "Same as shipping address" or "Use a different billing address" depending on your requirements
  • Click "Review order" that is in a light red box
  • Check that all order details are correct and click on "Complete Order"
  • Congratulations on completing your order! We will prepare it and dispatch it the soonest possible.

 Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information you might need.


The story

Hey, I am Stefanos and this is how it all came to be. I come from a household who holds a love for planting. I've enjoyed the serenity of greenery on my day to day life as a child and it is a sense I just can't move away from as an adult. I have started my shop back in 2017, bringing realistic artificial plants in Cyprus. Since then I have taken upon small to large designing projects. I enjoy making the visions of my clients coming to life. SK Optimus, is something that reflects the core of me as a person and my essence as a creative designer. Welcome to my store.