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Artificial Japanese Bamboo (105cm) - PTR0133


  • Product code: PTR0133
  • Number of trunks: 9
  • Base type: Plastic Pot
  • Base Dimensions: Height 11 cm | Diameter 14cm  
  • Leaf material: Plastic
  • Trunk material: Real Bamboo Wood
  • Total height of plant (incl. pot): 105cm
  • Width of area covered by leaves: Aprox. 60cm

Adorned with lifelike foliage, this artificial Japanese Bamboo embodies the beauty of nature in every aspect. The intricately crafted leaves faithfully replicate the delicate details and vibrant green hues of their living counterparts. The lush foliage cascades from the bamboo trunks, creating an enchanting visual display that emulates the serene rustling of bamboo leaves in the wind. Every element has been thoughtfully designed to evoke the tranquility and harmony found in Japanese gardens.